Thursday, 18 November 2010

Santa’s Swallie gets a facelift

Our successful Christmas beer has been relaunched as part of the work we undertook on the seasonal range of beers. Santa's Swallie is a fine example of the tradition of brewing Christmas beers that was once prevalent in the UK and is still very popular in other Northern European countries. The word ‘yule' is derived from 'ale' as beer was used to celebrate the winter solstice throughout the years.

It is pleasing to note that Christmas beers are starting to make a strong comeback in the UK. They offer the beer drinker something a wee bit ‘special’ at a time of year when beer often plays second fiddle to other, sometimes more sickly Christmas drinks.

Santa’s Swallie is a dark copper coloured Christmas beer, traditionally hopped with Fuggles and a hint of seasonal nutmeg and cinnamon. There is a subtle spicy warmth to the finish, and the beer is robust enough to be the perfect accompaniment to the rich food associated with the time of year. Tasting notes are available should you need them. Just get in touch with the brewery and we will post or e-mail some to you.

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